Farmers' Market:     Farmers' Markets are the ideal way to exchange goods that have been grown, produced and processed locally. This makes sense as our energy supplies becomes more and more expensive, as will our transported food. The 2011 floods that affected much of the state of Queensland, cutting the supply chain from the southern parts of the state and country, brought home the necessity to have local supplies of fresh food. Several groups concerned with the state of environmental and social affairs have joined forces to work towards getting a Farmers' Market in this region and have put together an online survey. It is imperative that for a successful farmers' market, we have local growers who produce a diverse range of products for us to access. If anyone is interested in organic growing practices, please check out our workshops page for some interesting educational opportunities. Follow this link to express your interest in getting a farmers market in this region.

From some perspectives it could be said that the world we have created as humans is rather ridiculous. The way we have wars that cost trillions of dollars and benefit a few corporations, the frantic addiction to oil and the consequences like the Gulf of Mexico disaster, the current push to 'frack' our living planet for some gas and leave a very real legacy of poison water and uninhabitable lands. Plastic bags fill our oceans, old growth forests are clear felled for wood chips etc. etc. 


example of a ridiculous notion may be

to collaborate the armies of our planet to exchange their weapons of destruction for tools for creation and construction, installing access to clean water, simple shelter and means for sustainable permaculture food production for all beings

 Mackay Community Garden Inc.

 as a part of a greater permaculture community we have been inspired by this following youtube by Paul Hawken who Identifies the one million plus NGO entities across our planet,  

like our community garden 

as a part of a macro-psychologic healing response to 

environmental degradation

economic corruption

social injustice

 indigenous oppression

Shall we journey further into ridiculous notions

and follow the work of Polly Higgin's book 

Eradicating Ecocide 

From this body of notions we see a move to remedy some of the mad things happening to our planet via the body of the 

United Nations

 explore more about ridiculous notions 

notion trading

paradigm wrestling


Explore a ridiculous notion to empower the United Nations


fix the united nations