Herb Garden

When we first arrived at our garden site in 2004, it was obvious where the herb garden had been as there was a collapsed herb spiral and a few rogue remnant plants, including comfrey and sacred basil. After our planning workshops, it was decided that we would revitalize the herb garden in the same position as it was in our zone one area.
An enthusiastic crew arrived to our planned workshop in 2005 for the redevelopment of the herb garden. We dug out lots of material from where the paths were to be and formed the beds. We then layered newspaper oveer the newly formed beds. We then constructed the new herb spiral from a pile of various sized rocks collected from far and wide
The garden beds and herb spiral were then mulched with straw/hay and the paths were filled with woodchip to a depth of 400mm. At the end of the day with some time left, we planted out the herb spiral with a few select herb in their best suited positions. These days, depending on which season you visit the garden you will be able to observe the many different and dramamtic stages of growth in our herb garden and watch the continual evolution of the
Mackay Community Garden.

We now have in our herb garden this selection of plants.

Nasturtium, Gotu-Kola, Aloe Vera, Rosemary, Winter tarragon, Garlic Chives, Brazillian spinach, Plantain, Curry tree, Curry plant, Vietnamese mint, Peppermint,  Spearmint,  Choc-mint, Japanese menthol, Patchouli, Sacred Basil, Sweet basil, Chillies,  Thai corriander, Ginger, Tea ginger, Comfrey (the original one in its original spot.) Chinese 5 spice, Turmeric, Mukunuwenna, and Marigold.

Plants that have been removed due to rampancy management strategies include Naked lady and Native pepper vine.